January, February of 2013

The Town Lake Race Series in Austin, TX returns for its seventh year in 2013.  This race series is intended to provide canoe, kayak, surfski and OC racers with an early season start in a competitive environment. Each race in the series will follow a unique but simple 10km course.


  • 10:00am start times with free entry fee.
  • Each race in the series will start and end in the same place, Fiesta Gardens put in.
  • The Town Lake Series is a user friendly venue where all hulls and paddling abilities are welcome. None of the series courses will require a portage.
  • These are timed events, race numbers will be provided.


Series Race Dates
#1-Jan. 20
#2-Jan. 27
#3-Feb. 10
#4-Feb. 24



Spectators will have a spectacular view of the race and its progress at the start/finish line in Fiesta Gardens park. See the directions page on this website for more information.

Note: Austin will host the USACK National World Marathon Trials this spring. The National World Marathon Team Trials will take place May 22-23 on Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake) at the Festival Beach ramp in Austin, TX. An online discussion related to this topics can be found on the P247 forum.




All racers will be handicapped in the following manner by class:

  1. Start - Rec. Solo 10:am (Anything Plastic)
  2. Rec. Tandem/Aluminum at 2 min. (First time paddler’s/New Adventure racers)
  3. Female C-1/OC-1 at 4 min.
  4. Female C-2 at 5 min.
  5. Female Solo Unlimited/PRS SKI at 6min.
  6. Male C-1/Pro Aluminum at 9 min.
  7. Male OC-1/Fast Sea Kayak/PRS SKI at 10 min.
  8. Male C-2 at 11 min.
  9. Female K-1 at 12 min. (ICF)
  10. Male Solo Unlimited 16 min. (Safari Style Hull)OC-2/Tandem Unlimited 18 min.
  11. Male Surf Ski/K-1 at 22 min. (ICF)
  12. Fast Male K-1/K-2 at 24 min. (ICF)


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